‘Scenarios’ of party leadership are just that and no more

In the past few days, talk has been revived of the prime minister voluntarily withdrawing before the elections, so the PASOK can fight the next electoral battle under your leadership. Could you comment on that? We are at a critical political juncture in the completion of our work, the preparations for the elections, and the formulation of our strategy and vision for the next term. The prime minister himself is on the front line of this effort and we all have a duty to help in the struggle and serious work without getting involved in rumormongering. If the question of PASOK’s leadership is raised after the elections, will you be a candidate? I am struggling to create conditions for PASOK to win the elections once again. I have always been and will always be part of that effort. This for me is the great political challenge. I am not interested in scenarios or working hypotheses.