In Brief


4.3-Richter tremor hits northern lake A moderate earthquake that registered 4.3 on the Richter scale occured in the vicinity of Great Prespa Lake in northwestern Greece at 7.15 p.m. yesterday. The quake was felt across the prefectures of Florina and Kastoria but there were no reports of any injuries, or damage to buildings. Migrant smugglers A group of Pakistanis have been profiting from smuggling illegal immigrants from Pakistan and Kashmir into Greece via Turkey for the past six months, police in Attica said on Saturday after arresting two Pakistani men. The two men had been detaining six immigrants in a house in the Athenian district of Nea Halkidona while they tried to secure them legal status in Greece, according to police, who said they charged 7,000 euros apiece for their service – a fee which would be collected from the migrants’ relatives. Officers are seeking other ring members. Bag snatcher A 28-year-old drug addict arrested last week after trying to snatch a bag from a young woman in the Piraeus district of Nikaia was responsible for more than 15 muggings in Nikaia and Korydallos last month, police said on Saturday. The man, identified only as G.L., allegedly used his loot to buy drugs.