Olympics to be exempt from hooligans’ abuse

Soccer hooligans will still be able to volubly question the sexuality of referees and rival players – dragging in their mothers, too. But under a new law heralded by the government yesterday, fans will be banned from «vulgarly insulting the Olympics.» Deputy Culture Minister for Sports Giorgos Lianis told a press conference that proposed legislative amendments will also outlaw drunkenness in the stands, racist abuse, slogans smearing Greece’s neighbors, «barbaric insults to our national anthem,» and being rude about the Games. When pressed on the matter, Lianis said: «I respect those who object to the Olympics. But I insist that Greece was right to have bid for the Games, and did well in getting them.» Lianis also voiced hopes that fans of ancient rivals Olympiakos and Panathinaikos will behave when the two teams clash on Saturday.