Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

A new wine, produced by the youngest organic farmers in Greece – a group of students from the Department of Agriculture and the Environment at Kavala’s Eleftheroupolis Technical High School – has received top marks. With the help of their teacher, an agronomist who coordinated the project, the students planted and harvested their own organic grapes, pressed them, tested the must, monitored the fermentation process and transferred the wine into barrels. They even designed their own attractive label – Deca me Tono (Ten With Honors) – and bottled 200 units of a deep red, organic Cabernet Sauvignon. As a treat for themselves, they made (just a little) tsipouro, a somewhat tougher spirit, after the main part of the project was completed. With the money received through the program, the Eleftheroupolis Technical High School also acquired a fully equipped winery, albeit on a small scale and recently established a small vineyard in the school’s garden. There are very few wineries in the area of Kavala that do not use preservatives in their wines.