Recycled single-seater hybrid car

The main components of a hybrid car built by pupils from the 1st TEE of Neapoli, Thessaloniki (mechanical and electrical engineering section), are theoretically not much different from those in a similar vehicle made by a Japanese car manufacturer already being sold in Greece, although the pupils’ car is lacking in high-tech design, metallic paint and a few dozen accessories, and is built on a steel frame similar to that of a go-cart. It was built in sections, and most of its parts are from recycled material. It has an internal combustion engine, another powered by electricity, batteries and a system designed to enable the electric and fuel-operated systems to work alternatively to save fuel. «In building the car, the pupils learned to organize themselves and work as a group with the objective of carrying out a project. It helped them to overcome their fears about their abilities and strengths,» said one of the pupils’ teachers.