Robbers beat gravity to net 200,000 euros

Two armed robbers who raided a bank on Crete yesterday managed to keep their heads despite a couple of serious hiccups, escaping with some 200,000 euros in loot. Wearing hoods and brandishing guns, the two burst into an Emporiki Bank branch in the northern city of Iraklion just before 9 a.m. They collected the money without hindrance from bank staff or clients, and sprinted for the exit. On his way out, one of the two tripped over a carpet and took a tumble, but quickly picked himself up and rejoined his accomplice on a motorbike that had been left outside the bank with its engine running. The robbers sped off through the town’s backstreets, entered a one-way street the wrong way and crashed into a car. But again they quickly righted themselves, picked up several bundles of cash that had fallen onto the tarmac and disappeared without further (known) mishap.