No objection to NATO forces as part of UN mandate

Your plan provides for an international peace force comprising the UN, the USA, the European Union and Russia, and perhaps other international organizations. Could one of these be NATO, as we have heard? We do not oppose the presence of international forces, including NATO, to come as part of the international force as long as the Security Council gives it the mandate for implementing a comprehensive solution with the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state. I know that certain circles in NATO are studying the possibility as part of an international coalition. The two most powerful countries in NATO, the US and Britain, are functioning as an occupying force in Iraq. Will they come to Palestine as peacemakers? It is not a question of the countries that compose these forces, but of a UN Security Council mandate. If they have a mandate to implement an agreement for the creation of a Palestinian state, their mission will be completely different from what they are doing in Iraq, as occupation forces. Do you sincerely believe that there can be any kind of a solution as long as Sharon is in power? No, I do not, unless someone in the White House calls and tells him to stop [his current policies].