Report: Cyprus got terror tip

Cypriot police have taken unprecedented security measures to avert a possible terrorist attack on the island, following urgent messages from the US authorities, the Cypriot newspaper Phileleftheros reported yesterday. Security has been stepped up at the US and Russian embassies which are near each other in the capital, Nicosia. Similar measures have been taken at the US satellite station at Archangelos, in the western district of the city and another station, SAT-7, which is located in an apartment building in the city itself. Phileleftheros, which did not reveal its sources, said that the American warning had reached police leadership via the US Embassy. It said the message concerned the possibility of an attack within the next few days. The newspaper said this was the first time that intelligence had been received of a planned attack on Cyprus specifically and not part of a general warning. The two radio stations might be targets as they broadcast mainly religious programs to Middle East countries, Phileleftheros’s report said.