Man threatens female passenger on Piraeus-bound ferry

A man aged in his 30s was arrested on Tuesday morning after allegedly holding a woman hostage on the Crete II passenger ferry, threatening her with a piece of broken glass, for several hours.

According to initial reports, the man grabbed the woman in the ferry’s lounge, where she was sitting with her husband, and pressed a piece of glass to her neck. It was not clear whether he had any demands as is appears that he had no connection with the woman.

The incident happened shorty after the ferry set sail from Iraklio, Crete, in the early hours with 614 passengers on board. Ferry crews managed to keep the assailant calm and evacuated other passengers from the lounge for the duration of the journey.

The vessel was boarded by a special forces team of the Hellenic Coast Guard when it arrived at the Port of Piraeus at around 6.30 a.m.

They managed to immobilize the assailant and take him into custody. No details were released regarding his identity or motivations.

The woman, who was suffering from shock, was taken to hospital for observation, though she was not injured in the incident.