Close to half of Greeks favor compromise deal with lenders, poll finds

Close to one in two Greeks is in favor of the government reaching a deal with the country’s lenders, and three out of four want to stay in the eurozone, an opinion poll showed on Friday.

The poll by Alco for news website Newsit showed 45 percent of Greeks want the leftist-led government to agree a deal with creditors even if this meant having to compromise.

Greece has delayed a debt payment to the International Monetary Fund due on Friday as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras demanded changes to tough terms set by the creditors for aid to stave off default.

The poll showed that 75 percent of Greeks are firmly in favor of staying in the euro zone, which the country might eventually exit in the event of defaulting on its debt, and 37 percent support early elections to resolve the standoff over the cash-for-reforms deal.

The government may call early elections if the lenders do not soften their deal terms, lawmakers from the ruling SYRIZA party have said. [Reuters]