Moscovici says there is still room for compromise with Greece

The head of the European Commission will make his latest proposals later on Monday to try to solve the crisis in Greece, the EU commissioner of economic affairs said, adding that Athens was ‘centimetres’ away from a deal when discussions broke down over the weekend.

Jean-Claude Juncker “will indicate the route to follow, I hope everyone will commit themselves to a way of compromise,” Pierre Moscovici told French radio, adding there was still “room for negotiation” between Athens and its international creditors.

Athens was “a few centimetres” away from a deal when talks broke down over the weekend, Moscovici said.

“We must continue to talk,” Moscovici said, adding that “the door is always open to negotiations.”

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin meanwhile said that negotiations “could re-start at any moment.”

In a tweet, Moscovici clarified that the proposals by Juncker would not be a new offer in the broken-off bailout talks between Greece and its creditors.

“Latest proposals from the EU commission are known and public,” he said.

On Sunday, the commission made public reform proposals it said were rejected by the radical-left government in Athens in bailout talks.

That proposal is a slightly modified version of what will be put to voters in the July 5 referendum.