Juncker, Lagarde, Draghi called to face inquiry on Greek bailouts


Opposition MPs on Tuesday accused the SYRIZA lawmaker heading the parliamentary committee investigating Greece’s two bailouts of attempting to create division after he sent letters to a number of foreign officials involved in the loan packages, asking them to come to Athens to appear before the inquiry.

The head of the committee, Dimitris Vitsas, sent letters Tuesday to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde and European Central Bank President Mario Draghi. A day earlier Vitsas also wrote to a number of other officials representing Greece’s lenders, including the IMF’s Poul Thomsen.

“Mr Vitsas is making a move that is obviously divisive and has nothing to do with the process,” said PASOK’s Andreas Loverdos. “I ask him to become an MP that cares for the interests of the country and its people and to cease such actions.” Vitsas claimed that only those who have something to hide are afraid of the committee’s actions.