‘Woe betide those who do not get the message in time to adapt accordingly’

(Former Left Coalition members) Maria Damanaki and Panayiotis Skoteiniotis have already declared their support for PASOK. Do you think there could be similar moves from the center-right? I am pleased that George Papandreou’s call to join forces with PASOK has already awakened some consciences. I am not only talking about the people you mentioned, but the thousands of people with whom we share common goals and visions. As part of a broader dialogue with the people, we are open to everyone, as long as they believe in the same values as we do. There can be no labels attached. PASOK has always been an inclusive movement. That is what is happening now. The times call for vigilance and inclusion in order to create a new social majority. In the new landscape being created within PASOK, there is a pervasive sense of renewal. What does this mean for the «historic» cadres, particularly when Simitis has clearly hinted that they should follow his example? You know, renewal is always a permanent demand, one that arises from society itself. Woe betide those who do not get the message in time to adapt accordingly. Life itself moves on. I believe that in order to achieve this renewal, we have to follow the triptych of «Policies – strategies and actions – personalities.» Already we have set out our policies and our program for the country and society in the new age, as well as the strategies and actions to achieve these goals. As for the personalities, there is only criterion: That they should serve the New Beginning with passion, ethos and consistency. Do you think Papandreou will invite (PASOK’s former secretary-general) Costas Laliotis to take an active part in the election campaign? George Papandreou has invited the entire democratic sphere, with the «entire» PASOK as its core, to join forces. Costas Laliotis has given himself to the movement and he will continue to do so. I am sure that this will be evidence in the overall effort toward the new beginning and the new electoral victory.

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