Constantopoulou reconvenes special debt committee


Outgoing parliamentary speaker Zoe Constantopoulou reconvened a special committee tasked with examining Greece’s debt on Monday.

The proceedings began behind closed doors on Tuesday morning and are expected to be public from Wednesday and until completion on Friday.

The committee will be examining its conclusions, which were drawn ahead of elections being called in late August, before presenting them to the public. The panel's preliminary findings, deeming much of Greece's public debt "odious," were published in June.

Constantopoulou, who voted against the third bailout in August, ran as an independent candidate with anti-bailout Popular Unity in Sunday's elections. The party failed to gain the minimum of 3 percent needed to elect MPs.

Constantopoulou will retain her post as parliamentary speaker for the next few days, until Parliament sits again and a new speaker is elected by MPs.