Bulgarians foil forgers’ plot for August Games

SOFIA (AFP) – Bulgarian police said on Saturday they had dismantled an operation printing fake traveler’s cheques destined for use during the Athens 2004 Olympics. They arrested two men when they produced a fake National Bank of Greece traveler’s cheque worth 100 euros, the head of the police in the northern town of Rousse said. The police commissioner said a printing press they dismantled in Rousse also printed fake bank statements and academic diplomas. It was the second counterfeit operation to be dismantled in Bulgaria in a week. On Wednesday, Bulgarian and Interpol police uncovered a gang making fake euro notes in the Black Sea town of Varna. The police said the counterfeit notes were good reproductions and were destined for the Netherlands and Spain. [Large quantities of counterfeit euros from Bulgaria have been confiscated in Greece.]