Electoral law may change, says minister


Interior Minister Panayiotis Kouroublis confirmed the government’s intention to draft a new electoral law this year, although he insisted that the current coalition would see out its four-year term. Kouroublis said one of the government’s main aims is to create smaller electoral regions.

“My personal opinion is that there should be no region that elects more than six MPs,” he said, adding that there are too many distortions in the current system.

“New Democracy is the second biggest party but it does not have MPs in areas like Kavala, Komotini or Pieria.”

Kouroublis also confirmed reports that the 50-seat bonus that currently goes to the party that wins the general elections will either be scrapped or made smaller.

Kouroublis said there was no issue of snap elections as there is “strong political cohesion” between SYRIZA and Independent Greeks.