PASOK concerned HQ could become terror target


Officials at PASOK, as well as policemen guarding the party’s headquarters in central Athens, have expressed concern that the Socialists’ main offices are at risk of becoming the target of a terrorist attack after the government decided to remove the permanent presence of riot police vans in the vicinity.

Written recommendations have been forwarded to Hellenic Police chief Dimitris Tsaknakis and the Citizens’ Protection Ministry following three successive petrol bomb attacks last month that saw MP Giorgos Arvanitidis being hit by a Molotov cocktail.

In total, the building has been hit 11 times since last year. It was also targeted in a rocket attack in 1999 and shot at in 2014 with a military rifle.

The requests for the return of the vans come following assurances by Alternate Minister for Citizens’ Protection Nikos Toskas that more police officers have been assigned to the building, as well as suggestions that too many officers were already being used to guard politicians.