Greece’s cinema archives are heading for Metaxourgeio

The Greek Tainiothiki, or Cinema Library, is moving away from the Deligiorgi mansion on Kanari Street in Kolonaki to a permanent new home in Metaxourgeio. In the process, this significant institution founded by Roula Mitropoulou will acquire not only an ultra-modern building of its own (on the site of the former Lais summer cinema on Iera Odos and Megalou Alexandrou) but also a home in an area which has become a center for entertainment, theaters and galleries and attracts people from other areas. The new Cinema Library has a 300-seat multipurpose room and a smaller, 50-seat room for the Cine Club. The 400-seat summer cinema will go into operation again and there will be special storage space for the library’s extensive archives. An architectural competition is to be announced, and the project, which has been included in the Third Community Support Framework, is expected to be ready for use in December 2006.