Eleftheriadis to run for Potami leadership


Pavlos Eleftheriadis, a candidate with To Potami in the last national election, has said he will run for the leadership of Greece’s centrist party.

Underwhelming election results and poor polls have split the party, now led by Stavros Theodorakis. A congress to decide its political future will be start Friday.

In a statement posted on To Potami website, Eleftheriadis, a law professor at Oxford University, suggested that part of the problem was lack of democracy inside the party.

“We have not managed to set up a functional decision-making process. We are not acting as a collectivity. We are a deeply dysfunctional party,” the 49-year-old Eleftheriadis said.

“Stavros Theodorakis wants to perpetuate the model of a centralized party with little real debate and consultation procedures. His proposals will prevent [Potami] from evolving and expanding,” Eleftheriadis said adding that he will not support a strategy that will condemn the party to political extinction.