Egypt Air hijacker releasing hostages as police surround Cyprus airport


Egypt Air says that it is negotiating with one or more hijackers to secure the release of all passengers on an Alexandria-Cairo flight that was taken over earlier on Tuesday and landed at Larnaca airport in southern Cyprus.

The person or persons who hijacked the Egypt Air domestic flight has yet to make any demands, a Cypriot Foreign Ministry official said, according to Reuters, though some reports suggested that the flight was seized by one man who is demanding asylum in the European Union member-state.

Around 20 passengers from an estimated 60 were released shortly after the flight landed at Larnaca airport, with negotiations continuing.

Egyptian media, meanwhile, were said to be reporting that there are 10 US and eight British citizens on board the Airbus.

Egypt Air said on its Twitter account that the crew and four non-Egyptian nationals remain on the craft.

Earlier reports suggested that the hijacker(s) threatened to set off a suicide bomb.

All flights to and from Larnaca airport have been cancelled as the standoff continues and police secure the area.