An enigmatic election prediction

And now, a last question, a classic one for a Greek. Do you miss Greece? Very much. My kids and my wife and I have many Greek friends. We speak to them by phone. A lot of our Greek friends come and stay with us here in Brussels. We’ve been back to Greece since our departure and had a wonderful vacation there a year ago. We’ve lived in six foreign countries, and we have double the number of friends (from Greece) than all the other countries. That tells you something about what a great people the Greek people are. We really have warm feelings toward the Greeks and we’ll always have friends. On my name day, December 6, two-and-a-half years after I left Greece, we still get a lot of phone calls. Yes. We do miss Greece. It’s off the subject but I can’t help asking a final question. Who do you think will win the March 7 elections in Greece? My team, of course – Panathinaikos.