Greek drivers scared of others but admit to sins at wheel


They may talk on their cell phones, take the wheel after more than a few sips of alcohol, not wear seat belts and curse liberally at the wheel, but 85 percent of Greek motorists are afraid of other drivers and 66 percent think them irresponsible, a recent survey found.

The survey, conducted by Eurobarometer, showed that 70 percent of Greek drivers admit to venting their anger, 55 percent never wear a seat belt, 58 percent will drive when tired and 33 percent when under the influence of alcohol. Sixty-two percent believe keeping a safe distance from other drivers is a waste of time, 55 percent admit to talking on their cell phones while driving, and even 7 percent said they occasionally read the newspaper at the wheel.

However, Greeks are not considered the worst drivers in Europe, as only 18 percent of other Europeans said they considered them irresponsible drivers, as opposed to 28 percent who found the Italians to hold the lead.