Tsipras, Gabriel call for new approach in Europe


The need for a new approach in European affairs following Britain’s decision to exit the European Union was highlighted by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel in a meeting at the Maximos Mansion in Athens on Thursday.

In brief comments to the press on Thursday, Tsipras noted that it was time to replace “austerity with an agenda for growth”. The Greek premier added that the UK’s decision was a wake up call for the remaining EU member states, while he also expressed concern with regard to extreme right-wing forces gaining ground within Europe.

The German Vice-Chancellor noted that people were more inclined to swing to the political right and against the EU “when their lives are getting worse”.

“We saw it (in the British referendum) that poor people voted for 'out'. We saw it years ago in the Irish referendum where workers voted against Europe. We need a new approach in Europe,” he said.

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