Independent MP Nikolopoulos to back proposed electoral law


Independent MP Nikos Nikolopoulos has said he will back the left-led government’s proposal to change the country’s electoral law.

“We have decided to back the proposed electoral law because there is something substantial here,” said Nikolopoulos, a former New Democracy deputy who went on to establish his own Christian Democratic Party of Greece in 2013.

“There are Greeks out there who, as the party’s name suggests, are both Christian and democrats, and who want their voice to be heard,” he said.

The SYRIZA-led government has been trying to scrape together the 200 votes it needs in Parliament to pass the changes to the electoral law with a super-majority that would mean the new system applies straight away rather than after the next general elections.

New Democracy, PASOK and To Potami, as well as three independent MPs have said they will not vote for the proposed changes.