Prosecutor recommends guilty verdict for father in Ani murder trial


A prosecutor Friday recommended that 27-year-old Bulgarian national Stanislav Bakardjiev, along with his 30-year-old accomplice Nazif Ahmedov, be convicted for the cold-blooded murder on Good Friday last April of his 4-year-old daughter Ani Borisova.

Bakardjiev recently admitted in court to cutting up her dead body but denied killing her, claiming that Ahmedov was responsible for her death.

The prosecutor also said the victim’s 25-year-old mother Dimitrina Borisova, who was accused of exposing the child to danger, should be acquitted. She allegedly worked as a prostitute to support the child and had a heroin addiction.

A coroner on Tuesday told an Athens court that the 4-year-old was dismembered after her death, not before, as the head of the Athens Coroner Service had testified last week. The former told the court that the child might have died after ingesting heroin but was certainly not mutilated while still conscious.