Turkish subs in Aegean ‘unacceptable tactic,’ Vitsas says


Deputy Defense Minister Dimitris Vitsas described Monday the presence of Turkish Navy submarines in Greek territorial waters last month as an “unacceptable tactic.”

Turkey, he told state-run ERT TV, reserved areas of movement for its vessels that went  beyond its rights. He added that “Greece doesn’t accept such behavior” and has filed diplomatic complaints with international organizations. The results of these complaints, he said, “will soon appear.”

He warned, however, that Turkey remains unstable after the failed coup attempt in July and is thus unpredictable, and called on opposition parties to “stop the war cries.”

Vitsas’s comments follow last week’s detailed complaint submitted to NATO over the presence of Turkish naval submarines in Greek territorial waters in September by the National Defense General Staff (GEETHA), which also stressed the provocative statements made by Turkish officials, effectively disputing the borders between the two countries.