WikiLeaks: White House asked Bill Clinton to advise Tsipras to sign bailout last year


According to email correspondence revealed by WikiLeaks, the White House asked Bill Clinton's former Chief of Staff, John Podesta, to inquire whether the former US president would be willing to intervene following the Greek referendum in July last year with the aim of getting Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to agree on a new bailout agreement with the country’s partners and creditors. 

In an alleged email sent to a Clinton staffer, Podesta reportedly asked whether the former president “had enough of a relationship with PM Tsipras to call him and counsel him to make a deal.”

According to WikiLeaks, the initial response from Clinton’s office appeared to be positive, but said additional information was required regarding the situation and also asked whether similar requests would be made of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

WikiLeaks documents released so far did not reveal whether or not Clinton and Tsipras discussed the issue.

Podesta currently heads Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.