Probe launched after suspect tagged with tracking bracelet goes missing


Chief appeals prosecutor Antonis Liogas on Monday ordered a preliminary investigation into the disappearance from the police’s radar of a woman under house arrest who had been fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet as she was considered a flight risk.

Liogas demanded a probe into whether police were remiss in their duties or the private company responsible for fitting the tags and running the GPS system that keeps track of suspects and convicts is to blame.

The 43-year-old fugitive was awaiting trial over a scandal involving millions of euros embezzled from the state through private power companies Energa and Hellas Power, which came to the fore in 2012.

Authorities believe the woman traveled from her central Athens home to the western port of Patra, where she may have boarded a ferry to Italy.

There are currently eight inmates fitted with tracking devices in Greece, after the 43-year-old removed hers.