Terrorist suspects returned to pre-trial custody after answering to new charges


Convicted urban guerrilla Costas Sakkas and bank robber Marios Seisidis returned to pre-trial custody on Monday after testifying before an investigating magistrate on charges of belonging to the Revolutionary Struggle terrorist group.

After their testimonies, the two suspects were returned to prison where they are in pre-trial custody in connection with other charges.

Seisidis, 37, faces additional charges of membership of the terrorist group Revolutionary Struggle after his fingerprints were found on books and maps in the home of group member Grigoris Tsironis.

Sakkas, who has already been convicted of membership of another terror group, Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire, now also faces charges of belonging to Revolutionary Struggle after his prints were found on a rented car used by the jailed anarchist and bank robber Giorgos Petrakakos.