Northern Athens suburb rocked by early morning blast


Police investigating a blast that rocked the northern Athenian suburb of Ano Liosia in the early hours of Monday are looking into the target’s personal and professional ties, a report by the ANA-MPA news agency said.

The blast occurred around 4 a.m. by a batch of dynamite being detonated outside the front entrance of a detached home on Sina Street. It blew out neighbors’ windows and caused damage to the property and a few cars parked in the vicinity, but no injuries.

A police source quoted by the ANA-MPA said the house belongs to a 70-year-old man who was released from prison in Germany about a year-and-a-half ago, where he had been sentenced for illegal tobacco smuggling.

Police arriving at the scene of the blast questioned a security guard – a family relation of the owner – who claimed that he did not see the perpetrators, and found that the power had been cut, immobilizing the security camera. The 70-year-old was not at home when investigators sought him for questioning.