50 Years Ago Today

‘GENTLEMEN’: From an editorial, titled The ‘gentlemen’, on the exclusion of Greece from election to a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council, due to lack of support from Great Britain and France. Large gaps in Western defenses have been opened up by two powerful allies – two great ‘gentlemen’ – England and France, that have not hesitated to spit on the blood being spilled now in Korea for world freedom (by Greek soldiers). It is no longer of any interest if Greece, begging for a few reluctant votes, manages to gain 3/4 of the number of votes needed for the seat on the Security Council. Greece no longer needs this seat. The struggles waged by this small country for the common cause, its sacrifices, the blood that has been shed and which is still flowing, cannot be the object of bargaining by so-called gentlemen. There was no unanimity over the election of Greece (…) and the struggle to secure that unanimity would have been humiliating indeed. We are not ‘gentlemanly’ enough to do that. DEATH OF KOTZIAS: Athens Mayor Costas Kotzias died yesterday evening of a heart attack. FREE VITAMINS: UNICEF has made available about 5 million vitamin capsules for 50,000 children in Greece aged up to two years, for the current winter period. The top spots were rightfully devoted to the rapist (most preferably a pederast) of the day or to the various stars who advertise everything but their vocal chords or acting abilities. In a few words, news broadcasts present a virtual world that deifies the trivial and sidelines what is important for the lives and the future of real people.

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