Authorities on alert over spate of anarchist attacks


The recent flurry of attacks by anti-establishment groups in Athens against riot police units and party offices, along with the storming of a ministry and a newspaper, have placed authorities on alert.

In the latest incident Tuesday, employees at a state-run construction firm on central Favierou Street called the police after finding a suspicious looking shoebox at the building’s entrance.

Police cordoned off the area as explosives experts arrived at the scene. The box contained a bottle with flammable liquid, a gas canister and matches. At midnight on Monday, self-styled anarchists attacked a riot police unit stationed outside PASOK party offices on Harilaou Trikoupi Street with Molotov cocktails and stones.

The incident occurred only hours after a similar attack by anarchists on police at the same location on Monday morning. This was followed later on Monday by the brief occupation of the Labor Ministry by members of the Rouvikonas anti-establishment group.

In a seperate incident Monday, the Avgi newspaper offices were also briefly occupied by a group of anarchists.