Turkish jets violate Greek air space as Kammenos pays tribute to Imia standoff fatalities


Defense Minister Panos Kammenos and military chiefs on Wednesday flew by a military helicopter over the eastern Aegean Imia islets, the site of a military standoff with Turkey in 1996, to drop wreaths in memory of three Hellenic Navy officers who died when their helicopter crashed during a reconnaissance mission in the area.

The move prompted a reaction from Ankara as Turkish F16 fighter jets flew over the uninhabited rocky formations as well as the small islet of Kalolimnos.

On Sunday, a Turkish gunboat called into Greek waters and around Imia, and on Tuesday Turkish and Greek fighter jets engaged in three mock dog fights southeast of Chios in the eastern Aegean.

Ankara has upped the ante since Greece’s Supreme Court refused Turkey’s extradition request for eight Turkish servicemen, who are accused of participating in the failed coup attempt in the neighboring country in July.