Central Macedonia farmers give government deadline for talks


Farmers in central Macedonia asked the government for a meeting with responsible ministers by Thursday to discuss their demands.

Farmers, who have been protesting changes to the social security system and tax hikes, on Wednesday warned that if this deadline is not met they will escalate their action.

According to reports, farmers intend to block the railway tracks in Idomeni, or the Doirani crossing, on Greece’s border with Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

“If the Greek government does not set a precise date for a meeting by tomorrow, we shall harden our stance,” union leader Achilleas Kambouris told the state-run ANA-MPA news agency on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, dozens of tractors and pick-up trucks are expected to descend on the Greek capital for a gathering in front of Parliament on Friday 14.

The protesters are already proving a headache for the government, as they’ve blockaded key highway junctions and border crossings over the past two weeks, causing traffic problems on the national road network and preventing cargo from crossing into neighboring Albania, Bulgaria and FYROM.