Two arrested in Patra over lucrative legal scam


A 59-year-old Greek man and a Finnish woman aged 55 have been arrested in Patra for allegedly scamming 250,000 euros from citizens, police said on Thursday.

According to investigators, the pair – along with two suspected accomplices – managed to fleece at least 25 people by promising to expedite legal claims.

The 59-year-old man is said to have run a firm in the western port city that took care of property and inheritance claims, settled tax debts and helped applicants apply for state funding, etc.

He allegedly claimed he was a lawyer and charge exorbitant fees to expedite individual cases, pocketing the cash. The 55-year-old woman would then supply false documents showing that the transactions had been completed, according to police.

A search of the pair’s office revealed more than 100 individual case files, which police are currently investigating.