Half of Germans against debt relief for Greece


Around half of Germans are against granting debt relief to Greece and around three in 10 want it to quit the eurozone, a survey showed on Friday.

The INSA poll for the Bild newspaper showed 46.4 percent of people living in Germany, Europe’s paymaster, thought giving Greece debt relief would be unfair for other eurozone countries.

That compared with around a fifth (18.4 percent) who did not share that view and 9.1 percent who said they did not care.
Athens and its creditors agreed on Monday to resume talks on a long-stalled review of Greece’s bailout, but only after Greece accepted examination of its reforms for 2019 onward.

The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, said on Wednesday that Greece does not need a haircut on its debt at the moment but added that debt restructuring and interest rate cuts on bailout loans were necessary.

The German government, preparing for an election on September 24, is against debt relief for Greece.