Athens mayor calls for minister to quit over lawlessness at universities


Alternate Citizens’ Protection Minister Nikos Toskas accused Athens Mayor Girogos Kaminis on Friday of “political hypocrisy” after the latter’s call for his resignation over the state of the capital’s universities.

Toskas said Kaminis’s call was politically motivated and driven by his ambition to play a central role on the country’s political stage.

He also said Kaminis harbored personal bias against him.

Earlier in the day Kaminis told Skai Radio that the sit-ins at universities across Athens are being used by dealers to peddle drugs.

“I’m ashamed of the situation at the universities,” he said.

He also cited the recent beating of Panteion University professor Angelos Syrigos.

Kaminis insisted that Toskas should resign, saying that his indifference to the problems is feeding a sense of lawlessness at academic institutions.