Hamas hit is condemned

Greece yesterday condemned Israel’s assassination of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmet Yassin and warned of the implications of such a blow against the Palestinian group. «Greece joins the other European Union states in condemning the extrajudicial execution of Sheikh Yassin,» Foreign Minister Petros Molyviatis said from Brussels. «We recognize Israel’s right to protect its citizens from terrorism but without resorting to such actions,» he added and exhorted both sides «to abstain from acts of violence which undermine attempts to establish peace.» Opposition PASOK called the killing «a provocative act which feeds… the cycle of violence» and called for the isolation of «forces set upon… the extermination… of the other side.» Meanwhile, Synaspismos Left Coalition criticized the «unaccountability and terrorist policy of Sharon.» The Palestinian diplomatic representation in Athens said Yassin’s killing «reveals Israel’s intentions to undermine all international initiatives to de-escalate violence and achieve a ceasefire.» It has opened a book of condolences for Yassin.