Police nab two burglars after rooftop chase in Palaio Faliro, one dead


Police on Monday arrested two of four armed burglars fleeing the scene of a break-in by leaping from balcony to balcony of an apartment block at the intersection of Mouson and Thiseos streets in Palaio Faliro, southern Athens.

The four had entered an eighth-floor apartment at around 10 a.m. and tied up an elderly woman and her maid.

However, they were spotted by the woman’s son, who lives on the ninth floor and had installed security cameras outside his mother’s apartment. He reported the intruders to police, who arrived quickly on the scene, prompting the burglars to attempt to escape by jumping between the different floors on the building’s exterior.

Police caught up with and arrested two of them – Georgian nationals – on the seventh floor and confiscated three pistols, a revolver and a bag full of jewelry they had stolen from the woman’s home.

However, a third burglar slipped from the fifth floor and fell onto a first-floor balcony, sustaining fatal injuries.

Police are looking for the fourth suspect who got away.