Pensioners protest looming cuts in central Athens


Hundreds of pensioners gathered in front of City Hall in downtown Athens on Tuesday morning and were marching to the Labor Ministry to demand protection for their pensions.

The rally was organized by several unions representing pensioners, including those of the IKA social security foundation, the ELTA postal service and the NAT sailors’ fund, who are facing more reductions to their retirement benefits as the government wrangles with foreign creditors over the terms for wrapping up a pending bailout review.

“The measures that are coming on top of those that have already rendered our lives unbearable are catastrophic, as they will raze everything that is left,” the head of the IKA pensioners’ union, Dimos Koumbouris, was quoted by the ANA-MPA news agency as saying.

The rally is causing traffic problems in the city center, as several key streets have been closed.