Anarchists upset student union elections, one hurt


Self-styled anarchists raided university faculties in Athens and Thessaloniki on Wednesday in a bid to disrupt student union elections, with the upheaval leaving one student slightly injured.

In Athens a group of around 20 hooded protesters raided an Athens University education faculty, overturning tables, ripping posters and scuffling with students and, later, police.

Television footage of hooded youths outside the faculty showed some were armed with axes, hammers and knives. No one was injured in the clashes but three riot police units remained on standby on Wednesday night.

In Thessaloniki, anarchists and anti-establishment protesters clashed with members of the student union affiliated with conservative New Democracy.

Unrest at the theology faculty left one student with minor hand injuries. Anarchists and members of far-leftist groups routinely clash with students affiliated with political parties, particularly during student union elections.