GSEE condemns attack on ex premier


Greece’s largest labor union, the private sector GSEE, on Friday sharply condemned a terrorist attack on Lucas Papademos, a former Greek prime minister and central bank chief.

“Acts of this sort aim at… hurting democracy by spreading hatred and division,” GSEE said in a statement.

Reports Friday said the 69-year-old Papademos was recovering well from injuries caused by a booby-trapped package exploding in his car Thursday, with doctors saying he would stay in hospital for two more days.

He was being treated for superficial wounds to his abdomen and a deeper injury to his right leg from the blast.

GSEE wished Papademos and his two guards, who were slightly injured by the blast, a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, authorities were trying to establish Friday how the incident occurred despite security checks that were allegedly beefed up after a wave of similar attacks in March.

"We want to determine whether security procedures were followed," a police source told AFP. "The fact that the attackers managed to get past security is worrying," the source was quoted as saying.

There was still no immediate claim of responsibility.