Athens Mayor nixes neo-Nazi event


Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis has emphatically refused to grant permission to extreme-right party Golden Dawn to stage an event at the Chorofylaki park in the suburb of Goudi.

“There is no way that Golden Dawn will be granted the park,” Kaminis told a meeting of the city council Thursday.

His move to shut out the far-right party was backed by prominent city council members such as Costas Axelos and Petros Constantinou, who said it is the obligation of state institutions to be clear about the fact that “Golden Dawn is a criminal gang and not a political party.”

Constantinou also said that municipal authorities in Patra, western Greece, have taken the decision not to allow Golden Dawn to stage events in public spaces.

Kaminis has appeared as a witness for the prosecution at the ongoing trial of Golden Dawn’s leadership on charges of running a criminal organization.