Opposition criticizes ex-Supreme Court president’s posting to PM’s legal service


Greece’s main opposition party, New Democracy, on Tuesday expressed serious concerns over the appointment of recently retired Supreme Court president Vassiliki Thanou to the head of the prime minister’s legal department, calling the decision a “dark page for democracy.”

Thanou’s appointment, the conservative party said in announcement, “actively proves that this government has no concept of the separation of powers.”

The chief of centrist To Potami, Stavros Theodorakis, also issued a statement criticizing the move, saying it “aggravates our concerns about where the country is headed.”

In a Twitter post, PASOK’s Andreas Loverdos accused the government of not even bothering to keep up pretenses, saying Thanou’s appointment is a sign of “collapse and decadence.”

Even Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, who rarely takes public positions on political issues, was critical of the move. “It is a huge mistake that sends the wrong message to society,” the former ombudsman said.