Administrative Reform Minister insists disciplinary panels are working


Administrative Reform Minister Olga Gerovasili responded Thursday to a report in Kathimerini about the backlog of disciplinary hearings for civil servants suspected of offenses.

Kathimerini revealed that an annual report by the Inspectors-Controllers Body for Public Administration (SEEDD) found that at the end of 2015, 2,185 cases (not including appeals) were yet to be heard. Twelve months later, this number had risen to 3,216.

When appeals are factored in, the total rises to 4,351, suggesting that the disciplinary process is not moving forward at all. However, Gerovasili insisted that apart from three panels, the disciplinary councils are operating normally. She said that there had been complications last year due to a lengthy strike by lawyers, who sit on the panels.

The minister admitted that civil servants who are accused of wrongdoing could return to their positions if their cases are not examined within two years. She added, though, that this would not lead to the investigations being dropped.