Church warns of fraudsters posing as Church fundraisers

Church warns of fraudsters posing as Church fundraisers

The office of Greek Archbishop Ieronymos and the Archdiocese of Athens said on Saturday that they have never authorized anyone to raise money on their behalf to repair damage incurred by monasteries in the recent fires.

The Archdiocese of Athens issued a statement on Saturday in response to reports that fraudsters were traveling around the country asking for contributions in its name.

In some cases the offenders reportedly asked people for their bank accounts as well.

In its statement, the Archdiocese said it was responding to reports of “strange incidents in recent days with regard to various people using what appeared to be fake identities seeking money on behalf of churches which have been affected by fires or are in areas affected by fires.”

It also urged people that who have been approached by fraudsters to contact the Archdiocese’s services directly or report the incident to police authorities.