Children’s charity calls for donations in school supplies


The Smile of the Child (Hamogelo tou Paidiou) charity has issued its annual call for donations in school supplies ahead of the start of the new academic year.

The organization, which last year helped 3,695 students start their school year fully prepared, is asking the public to donate items like book bags, notebooks, pencils, markers and erasers, atlases, geometry equipment, rulers, pencil cases and other necessities.

“In just a few days, families will have to cover the cost of a plethora of expensive supplies required for their children’s studies,” the charity said in its announcement. “For some families, this is a time of joy… for many others, though, it is a time of stress and anxiety over how they will manage to meet their children’s needs with some dignity.”

The charity has collection points at its offices in Maroussi, Ilion and Nea Makri in Athens, as well as in Thessaloniki, Patra, Pyrgos, Corinth, Halkida, Corfu, Hania, Iraklio, Larissa, Tripoli and Kavala. To find out more about how to make a contribution, call 210.330.6140 or email [email protected]