Maniatis launches center-left party leadership bid


PASOK MP Yiannis Maniatis on Wednesday announced his candidacy to become leader of Greece’s new center-left political party.

“My ambition is that [the new party] will render modern social democracy a main player in our country’s political developments,” Maniatis told journalists after submitting his candidacy.

The first round of elections is set to be held on November 5, while a runoff vote has been scheduled a week later, on November 12. Candidates must submit their nomination by Friday.

Several leftist and centrist politicians – including PASOK leader Fofi Gennimata, Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis and To Potami chief Stavros Theodorakis – have filed their candidacy for the helm of the new party which will aim to occupy the political space between ruling SYRIZA and conservative New Democracy opposition.