Gov’t attacks ND opposition over Eldorado

Gov’t attacks ND opposition over Eldorado

The Greek government on Monday attacked the conservative opposition for allegedly seeking to damage the “positive mood” created by the recent visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Athens and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s weekend speech at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF).

“The positive investment sentiment for Greece will not change with PR stunts,” said a non-paper issued by the prime minister’s office.

The government accused New Democracy of promoting a pro-business model that is detrimental to Greek society and environment.

“ND, and its satellites, insist on a flawed development model that is dictated by the impunity of business interests at the expense of public interest, by disregard for the environment, and by the total deregulation of the labor market,” the non-paper said.

The attack came after New Democracy blamed the left-led coalition over Monday’s decision by Canada’s Eldorado Gold Corp to suspend investment at its mines and development projects in northern Greece. The company blamed regulatory obstacles for halting one of its largest investments in the country since the outbreak of the financial crisis.

“The government is for the first time setting the institutional foundations for a new production and development model based on knowledge-intensive investments which make use, rather than endanger, the country’s comparative advantages,” the non-paper said.