Outspoken ex-SYRIZA cadre takes swipe at PM’s wife


Zoe Constantopoulou, leftist SYRIZA’s outspoken former parliamentary speaker and current leader of the radical Sailing for Freedom movement, provoked a social media storm on Saturday after taking a swipe at Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s wife with a scathing Twitter post late on Friday.

Referring to an interview with Betty Baziana with Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper in which the prime minister’s wife defended his performance, Constantopoulou criticized Baziana over comments during SYRIZA’s pre-election campaign that she would leave Tsipras if he ever signed a bailout agreement – as he did six months after being elected into office.

She called Baziana a “former uncompromising leftist” who “now attends receptions and is made a professor in… China.”

“She must somehow repay the summary measures with which her husband is building her career,” Constantopoulou charged.